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Stark Speech Services is a speech therapy clinic dedicated to helping children in the Canton/Massillon area communicate. Our licensed speech-language pathologists complete evaluations and work closely with the parents to develop a treatment plan to best meet the child's needs, be it articulation, language, social skills, augmentative/alternative communication or a variety of other communication disorders. One of our SLPs is specializing identification and treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (tongue thrust). We are currently in the process of credentialing with several insurance companies. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!


Improve children's communication skills by providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic speech language services and partnering with parents, families and other professionals to allow children to reach their maximum potential.


Child SmilingEvaluation of speech and language skills - Your child will meet with one of our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists in an individual setting. The Speech-Language Pathologist will administer a comprehensive assessment which may include standardized testing, observation, parent interview, play-based assessment or rating scales. The assessment will be tailored to your concerns, for example, speech, language, fluency or social skills. Results of this assessment will be shared with the parent and any other team members to determine a treatment plan. If your child has been evaluated at a different location within the past year, the results of this evaluation will be considered.
Individual therapy provided in a variety of areas including: - Individual therapy services will be provided by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist based on the results of speech language evaluation. Therapy will be customized to your child's strengths, needs and interests.
Collaboration with caregivers to support generalization of newly acquired skills - In order to best meet your child's needs, Stark Speech Services believes a strong partnership with parents or caregivers is essential. This may also include collaborating with your child's pediatrician, teacher, orthodontist, dentist or other therapists.